Does a degree = good leadership?

Especially in the U.S. where student loans can cost the amount of a car payment or mortgage, many kids are torn between going to college or trying to make do without. So what do you choose? We always tell kids to go to college right? Isn't it obvious? Maybe not. So here is the thing. … Continue reading Does a degree = good leadership?


Passion Is Greater Than Talent

Whenever I think of talent, I look at athletes. Specifically, martial artists and fighters. A martial artist myself, I appreciate the dedication it takes to learn complicated maneuvers and fighting techniques. And as a small women with absolutely no grace or inherent physical strength, my talent was pretty nil when I started. What I did … Continue reading Passion Is Greater Than Talent

The Business Of People

If you are a manager, motivational speaker, leader, boss, or whatever title you give yourself; you are in the business of people. Your business is not just made of people, your job is literally in the management of people. And we have to keep that in mind as leaders. We cannot be successful if we view them … Continue reading The Business Of People