The lie of the “Big Moment”

Everyone clapped at the end of the movie and to this day I can’t remember what the movie was called. It was your typical feel good where the person had their Big Moment to shine. They landed their dream sport or job or whatever it was all due their Big Moment. You knew if they hadn’t, their life would be in ruins.

What a lot of bull.

When did we buy into this lie that if you fail at a single event or even fail at all, that you won’t achieve somethig you set out to do? It’s in movies, books, and all over our American culture.

You don’t make that three pointer shot or touchdown? Kiss your career goodbye.

Screw up in a business deal? Disgraced.

Mess up one week as a leader? Cap’n, the ship is going down!

And frankly it is a down-and- out lie. Now, yes, if you screw up a test, you won’t pass. Maybe you will even lose your job if you make a mistake; even then, why is our life so limited to this one thing anyways?

Randy Couture was a 40+ something pro fighter in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Challenge). A hard enough sport for young 20 somethings let alone his age. He crushed them. He didn’t let age be his Big Moment. He worked hard and persevered.

So let me let you know a little secret on this Big Moment lie. It isn’t the winners of the Big Moment who will succeed. It’s the ones who Do Not Let Life Stop Them.


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