The Business Of People

If you are a manager, motivational speaker, leader, boss, or whatever title you give yourself; you are in the business of people. Your business is not just made of people, your job is literally in the management of people. And we have to keep that in mind as leaders. We cannot be successful if we view them as nothing more than resources or commodities.

How Do We Have a People Business? 

  • Be attuned to strengths and weaknesses. If you have someone who is horrible at irate callers but can form the most beautiful response you  have ever seen, then work accordingly. Put someone who can handle the irate customers in a place they shine in.
  • See people, not things. Human beings come with baggage, amazing talents, and their own set of personalities. See them as people first and resources second. People Image 2
  • Remember, Life Happens. Maybe they need off due to a death in the family, maybe
    they are sick and in the hospital for a week. Be compassionate when it’s inconvenient; not just when you can get away with it. You’ll create loyalty for life.
  • Communicate. People aren’t mind readers unless they are super talented. If you don’t have a good handle on communication, then your people (people not things) won’t be able to perform the tasks needed.

Be compassionate when it’s inconvenient; not just when you can get away with it.


How Do We Create A Workplace That Cultivates Rather Than Destroys? 

This one is easy. Listen. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Your people are going to give you feedback. Feedback that may even save your company, create new goals and solutions and revenue. There is profit in listening to your people.

When we stay people-orientated, we can create a team of loyal and dedicated workers who shine in their tasks. If you treat them as things, they are going to walk out the door.




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