Passion Is Greater Than Talent

Whenever I think of talent, I look at athletes. Specifically, martial artists and fighters. A martial artist myself, I appreciate the dedication it takes to learn complicated maneuvers and fighting techniques. And as a small women with absolutely no grace or inherent physical strength, my talent was pretty nil when I started. What I did have was passion. This passion would allow me to continue a martial arts career for nearly a decade. Passion that translates easily into my business and work ethic.

People put a lot of stock on talent. Now don’t get me wrong; I love talent. Talent should be utilized and cultivated. But it cannot touch passion. Ever. If I have someone who has the talent to do complicated reporting or can be an amazing customer service advocate but lacks passion; they might as well not have the talent in the first place.

I don’t fear the man who can do ten-thousand kicks. I fear the one who has practiced one kick ten-thousand times.- Bruce Lee

I am the type to always fight and cheer on the underdog. The one who no one expects will win because maybe they don’t fit the mold. An easy example actually came from a kid movie I watched titled, “Zootopia”. This cute and funny movie models my appreciation for passion over natural talent or ability.

For those who haven’t seen it, the story’s main character surrounds the first bunny rabbit passion image 1police officer. Biologically ill-suited to policing an animal kingdom full of lions, bears and other large predators; this “cute little bunny” rabbit proves them wrong and saves the day.

Talent matters, but passion matters more. If you have a passion for art, be an artist even if you “can’t draw”. Have a passion to write, be a business owner or a teacher? Do it. Even if you don’t feel you can. As Bruce Lee said, “I don’t fear the man who can do ten-thousand kicks. I fear the one who has practiced one kick ten-thousand times.” 


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