You Set The Tone For Your Business

You ever wake up grumpy? No? Then this post isn’t for you and you can skip on to your unicorn and rainbow land. However if you are a normal human being, you probably do  have your grumpy days. Sometimes it’s related to a bad business deal, a bad meeting, a jerk you met in the grocery store or a hundred other things. So what do you do?

The best thing you can do is get refocused:

Whatever you need to do to get to where you are centered; do it. Why? Because you set the tone to your business and those who work under you.

If you are saying how crappy today is, that is going to be infectious like a bad virus. If you snap at your manager because you are tired, then they are going to snap at the people under them.

In music we always wait to hear if that melody is going to show a sad or happy song. What’s your melody today?

Musical Notes Image 1


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