The Hustle, Grind & Balance

If you are like me, you know what it is to HUSTLE. You work your butt off on making sure that you are the first to come in, last to leave and always push yourself as hard as you can. Always. But you need to keep in mind that while doing that grind, you have to avoid crash and burn.

Now hear me on this, I GET that you have to work 7 days a week and 17 hours a day sometimes. That happens; especially if you are running your own business. But ALL the time? No. You may not want to hear it but no. Now some professions have you working 24 hours on, 24 hours off. Paramedics, firefighters, nurses, doctors to name a few. Do you know the stress that they deal with? Truth be told, if we could, 8 hour shifts would be good for those professions.

This is one life you have. Let yourself live it. 

Balance image 1
So how do you balance the Hustle and time off? Set your priorities. Work your butt off; plan your dreams and goals; and WORK. Don’t mess around on Facbeook or Twitter when you should be focused on other things. Work like no one else is working. Earn the right to be a leader. Be in the trenches. Help your team. Work.

But when you leave work? Leave it. Let it stand where it is. Play with your kids. Go to the gym. Read. Have a cup of tea. Don’t read your emails. And except for emergencies, don’t answer your phone if it’s work related. Rest. Let your body and especially your mind, rest. If you have to work 80 hours one week due to an emergency, then do it. But if you don’t, then let your body rest.

And trust me. I know this is counter to our culture. Our culture says that without us working 24/7, we won’t be successful. Don’t buy into that. This is one life you have. Let yourself live it.


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