Does a degree = good leadership?

Especially in the U.S. where student loans can cost the amount of a car payment or mortgage, many kids are torn between going to college or trying to make do without. So what do you choose? We always tell kids to go to college right? Isn’t it obvious? Maybe not.

So here is the thing. Some things will absolutely require schooling and additional education. I don’t know about you but I don’t want a doctor operating on me that hasn’t learned how to. Lose a scalpel ANYONE?

But how much does a degree really matter? In some industries, they prefer experience. Some want to see that you have committment and are willing to go to school to learn it.

There are three things you want to look at:

1. Do you have the emotional and mental maturity to dedicate to school?

Some are ready right away. Some are not. It is okay if you need to wait. Yoy can go back later although some scholarships do require you to go right out of high school. However if you are not ready to go, you may not do well anyways. Wait until YOU are ready versus what the world tells you.

2. Does your passion require you to go to school?

Again not all passions require it so do your research. If you want to go but your industry values direct experience then go that route and learn in the school of experience.

3. Do you have the passion to go in the first place?

Again if you do not absolutely want to go then do not go. School is tough and not something you should take lightly.

What about leadership and a degree?

There are fantastic leaders who have not stepped foot in a college or o tained a degree (even Zig Ziglar started out in sales) while others who have gone and are not great leaders at all.

Leadership comes down to more internal characteristics that have nothing to do with the ability to gain a degree. A degree is a tool. It doesn’t make you more or less able to lead than someone without one.


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