You Can’t See Your Own Growth

I started recently planting flowers and tomatoes in the little cheap pots you buy at Home Depot. Originally it was a side project to do with my little girl, I am finding I’m actually enjoying it. Every morning we go out to water “her plants” and we both get excited as we see the growth that they are showing. Especially as yours truly has a brown thumb.

It’s easy to see their growth right? I mean the signs are pretty obvious. For ourselves? Not so much. Seeing your own growth is important even if you can’t see it because you are the one growing.

You need to be uncomfortable. If you aren’t, you aren’t growing. 


The best way to see your own growth is to do 2 things: Create measurable goals that display this growth and listen to the feedback around you.

Creating Measurable Goals

We all know how to create goals but one thing you need to make sure is that they can be measurable.

If you goal is, “I want to be compassionate”. That isn’t measurable. There is no growth opportunity there. If your goal is, “The next employee that comes to me with a problem or frustration, I am going to  listen intently and have a conversation with them.” That is measurable. You can judge a conversation with one person rather than an overall sentiment.

Listen To Feedback

One thing I want to emphasize here is to listen to feedback of those that you know will both be honest with you and fair. If you have a toxic person around you who is always going to present you with inaccurate and negative feedback no matter what, then they will not be a good measuring stick to your growth. Likewise if the person is a “yes” man. You need someone who will be honest. This is the only way you can know where you need to grow.

What if you don’t have that person? You will need to go back to honest self-assessment and measurable goals to see where that data lies. The one thing you need to make sure you are not is afraid. Don’t be afraid of feedback even if the feedback is that you have areas of growth. You SHOULD have areas of growth. If you don’t then you are not growing in a meaningful way. You need to be uncomfortable. If you aren’t, you aren’t growing.





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