Waiting Like A Leader Not A Boss

One of the things that you will find time and again is you have to develop the skill of patience. And trust me, this is a developed skill. You must be willing to allow for the growth of those under you, allow a customer to see why your service is the best, wait on your manager to give you a new project, or even allowing for yourself to learn new skillsets.

But how? I am not a patient person.

You are not alone.

Typically leaders tend to be Type-A personality. Patience isn’t a immediate skill set because we work fast, hard, and want all things now. Unfortunately that is not how the world works. Plants and cities are not grown in a day, neither are people.

Some practical reminders:

1. Set time limits and expectations (and let others know them!)

If you are training your team in a task then you should set the expectation of when they should be competent. Let your manager know when you feel you can handle more responsibility or ask them for expectations and growth opportunities.

2. Recognize the source

Impatience is often fueled by emotions whether fear, anger, or anxiety. It is important you see why you are feeling impatient and then determine if it is reasonable. Again set those expectations.

3. Practice!

Patience requires practice like any other skill set and it also has great rewards! Patience can let you develop fantastic leaders, workers, and serenity. It can make your entire mood calmer and more approachable. But it takes practice so get to work!

As they say, “Patience, young grasshoppers.”.


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