Why I Don’t Hate Mondays (And You Don’t Have To)

Ugh. Mondays. I hate Mondays. They are horrible.

That is what you are supposed to say, tweet, and think, right? I mean that is the societal standard. And if you are cheery on Monday well you are one of those people.

Unfortunately this is what we have been conditioned to respond as. If we as leaders know that we set the tone for our business, then we must also accept that Mondays (or any day that is the start of your week) sets the tone for your week. Don’t think it does?

Pay attention next time you go to share Grumpy Cat’s grumpy face agreeing on the Monday hate? Feel energized after? Feel ready to hustle and work hard? No? Shocking isn’t it? Sharing and engaging in negative images and words impacts our mood. Whether we realize it or not.

Do you know what Monday is? It is the start of a new week. It is a day you get to engage your team in and get the energized. You will be amazed at the reaction you get (eye rolls and groans) but if they take the attitude on, they will be able to stretch that to Friday.

Think about it: how do you remain energized and engaged through the whole week if you start off with a crappy mindset? You can’t.

So yes I am telling you to be one of those people. Be motivated, energized, and engaged.


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