Using Trends To Build Your Team (Pokemon Go Edition)

So one of the things that is often the most challenging for us as leaders is relating directly to our teams. This could be because of size, could be because we are just plain too busy, or it could be because we don’t know how to relate to them. If you are a good leader though, you’ll find a way.

I don’t believe in the “Keep managers at a distance” mindset that often others prescribe to. Why? Because then you don’t feel like your manager cares for you. It goes back to that corporate America feel. So how do we relate to others? Look at trends and try new things out.

Even if you aren’t interested in doing so, try new things. This is going to not only broaden your horizons but also it will help you relate to your team in a new and often fun way.

So let’s talk about the latest game that seems to be creating social scenes everywhere: Pokemon Go. This game if you aren’t familiar is about catching creatures called Pokemon using your phone. The catch? You have to move around and find them! This can’t be done just by sitting in your chair. GREAT! Get a social scene going and invite your team!

See who can catch the most pokemon in an hour and add in some food. This will create a relaxed atmosphere and honestly, it’s even better if you don’t know what you are doing so you can interact and ask questions. Try it out! You may be surprised at how your team responds not only to you but in your work environment.

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