Be Brave, Be Dauntless

Be brave. Be Dauntless. If you have ever read the now-movie book, Divergent, you will recognize the term. For those uninitiated, the book revolves around a dystopian society with different factions dependent upon key traits they wish to expound. Selflessness for Abnegation, Kindness for Amnity, Honesty for Candor, Intelligencr for Erudite, and Bravery for Dauntless. … Continue reading Be Brave, Be Dauntless


Why do you love weekends?

Whether your weekends are on Saturday and Sunday, some time during the week or even just one day off; we all enjoy some relaxation. It is necessity for psychological and phsyical health. But if you find yourself feeling absolute dread about Mondays, there may be a larger issue.  Everyone has a period in their jobs … Continue reading Why do you love weekends?

Sometimes It’s Not Them, It’s The Soil

I've planted before. For those who know me, I have a brown thumb but miraculously this last time, it worked! I used this special soil that made it so I couldn't drown the plants (which I probably do way too much), and they flourished. I also made sure my daughter and I watered or moved … Continue reading Sometimes It’s Not Them, It’s The Soil

Your Unique Brand Of Leadership

When I look at leaders like Zig Ziglar, Seth Goodin, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jen Hatmaker, and all of the "large" leader names out there; there are times I just think...well I'm not like them? Does that make me a bad leader? This half of a second thought passes before another one enters: … Continue reading Your Unique Brand Of Leadership