Compassion Overpowers Perception

Ever come into a new group of friends, new city, new job that has its own social order and feel a bit like you are an outsider? I know I have and am willing to bet at some point so have you.

Perception or how people think of you whether it is wholly fact or merely impression is a very large way on how we filter the world.

We do it with political candidates, events, bosses, and even with our own family and friends. It is human and natural.

So what if you walk into a position in a new job where the perception is leadership doesn’t care or won’t listen. How do you initiate change?

Telling people that you are different doesn’t matter. Most won’t be able to alter their perception with words alone. Ot requires consistent compassion.

Show how you are different. Don’t worry about how long it takes. Let it be what it will be. And remember, you can’t force perceptions on others. As they see and more importantly, experience change; the perception will alter on it’s own.

Remain true to your integrity and compassion. Be a leader worth following.


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