Don’t stop caring, caring, caring…

Do you know what I find in every company? In every social structure? The person who does not care. A bad Dr. Seuss rhyme goes something like this:

I do not like to care

I do not like to anywhere

Whether as CEO or team lead

I do not like to care or say please.

I will not care that you succeed or fail

For I do not give a care anywhere.

 Now how and why does this happen? How do you stop and change it? You get honest about it. If you are that person, you do hard things and take a good long look. You have the courage to admit that you need to get revitalized about your business or need to get out of it. 

If you are not that person, you need to have the willingness to help compassionately and firmly. If there is still no change, then they need to get out. If they are the owner or leader, than you need to. 

Working for or with a person who no longer cares about the people under them is a sign to run if no changes are made. It is a sure fire way to wreck a business and team. 

Compassion breeds loyalty, retention, and fantastic workers. Apathy breeds fear, resentment, and disloyalty. As the Native American story goes, which wolf will you feed?


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