Fear is a precipice

I am so afraid runs through my mind at a flittering pace several times a day. In fact, it’s now a background subconscious chatter.

Fear is a base emotion. However, like anger, people view fear as negative. A thing to overcome rather than process. Something to ignore rather than process. But what if fear isn’t bad? What if instead, it could be a jumping point for something brave, new, and life-changing. Wouldn’t that be a cause of celebration? Wouldn’t fear then become a warning for change?

Think about the last time you were afraid to do something and I don’t mean riding a coaster or jumping out of a plane. What about when you had a new opportunity come up that was calling to you but full of uncertainty? What if you had to be vulnerable to someone who had the potential to betray you? We do that in relationships all the time right? With friendships, family, and even with our children. Sometimes our fears come true.

But as painful as hurt and betrayal are, are they inherently bad and evil? Maybe not. Maybe they could instead be a precipice for change. Not for walling off but instead viewing who you are as a person. Looking at the next relationship with even wider arms and more vulnerable embrace. 

As leaders, don’t we face fears everyday? We face it when we make mistake that could cost people and money. We face it when we receive harsh criticism. We even face it when we receive accolades. Fear is wound through our society and businesses like a tightly pulled rope; choking potential and growth.

Next time you are afraid, look at the fear and see where it is coming from. Past situations, incorrect perceptions, even threats of success can paralyze. What if you fall? What if you fly?


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