Compassion breeds flexibility, not permission

One of the fears some leaders have us that allowing for more compassion will breed anarchy, chaos, and disrespect. I have found this to be the opposite. Compassion may breed flexibility but if anything there is more respect when compassion isn’t permissive leadership.

Permissive leadership, much like permissive parenting, allows for everyone to have a laissez-faire attitude where it’s live and let lived. This doesn’t indicate compassion, just laziness. 

Compassion is seeing someone struggle due to a personal issue and instead of reprimanding; you listen. Compassion is seeing someone make mistakes but instead of firing them; coaching them from the heart to mentor them to greatness. It isn’t about lessening your expectations but about allowing yourself to become flexible to meet people where they are at in life and skill level. They have to be willing to do the rest. 


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