Passion Series: To have compassion, you MUST have PASSION

I think when people look at my posts and see “Compassionate leadership”, they envision some lovey-dovey “Kumbayah” type of leadership role devoid of true, vibrant energy. Not so. To have compassion, you first must have PASSION. This is not a suggestion but a requirement in leadership. How do you work, mentor, and lead people if you are just content on sitting on the sidelines? You can’t.

I think people are surprised by this. You think passion and sometimes you think brusque, loud, extroverted, and aggressive. Passion shows up in so many different ways, why limit it? Are those descriptions accurate to a person with passion? They can be. Maybe it’s how it shows up for them. But passion can also show up quiet. It shows up in the small email you write to someone letting them know you are thinking of them in their time of loss. It shows up when someone  makes a mistake and you take the time to show them their problem, assuring them that you absolutely believe they can do something. Passion shows up where you show up.

Passion shows up where you show up. 

So how does passion play into compassion? Compassionate leadership takes work. It’s not something you can sit back on. You have to be proactive, intentional, and diversified to respond to a group of individuals who show up in different ways. Maybe they have a lot of baggage, maybe they are overconfident but low self-esteem, maybe they are this untapped energy that doesn’t know how to get started. You have to be willing to look beyond the surface.

In this series, I’ll be exploring how to have ComPASSION towards people, yourself, your company and more.

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