Passion Series: ComPASSION in People

When we discuss Passion and ComPASSION, we see that in some ways they are interchangeable. To have compassion towards someone, we obviously NEED someone to have compassion towards. In other words, compassion can’t exist with out people. And to have intentional leadership, we need that passion towards people to exist as well.

So what does Passion about people look like and how can we translate this passion towards Compassionate leadership that motivates and inspires?

1.Be involved

Passion about people means knowing your people. Have a huge team? No excuse. Pick one person on your team, shoot an email, and ask about them! Get to know their hobbies, what is important to them, and what they value. This isn’t only essential for the work culture but to get an idea of strengths and weaknesse. Cultivating loyalty starts with showing loyalty to your people and being involved. 

2. Be available

Someone feels insecure about their abilities? Don’t just send them to HR, listen. Listen and be there. Maybe someone has feedback. Feedback that is difficult to hear. Don’t just have a suggestion box; let then come to you directly with suggestions. Be available for them in personal and work. 

Now there is also keeping good boundaries and lines but outside of the extreme, it takes 30 minutes to inspire and motivate someone who feels they are failing. You may then keep them 30 years.

3. Be in the trenches

Make it a point at least once a month to be working in the trenches with your people. Let them see that you are willing to be there too. That you know how hard it can be. Talk to your people in the trenches once a day or at minimum once a week. They need to feel connected to you. The more you say you are “too busy”, the less your team will think you care.

People follow leaders who are engaged, available, and willing to get down to all levels. Be the leader that isn’t afraid to be passionate to lead. 


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