Passion Series: ComPASSION for the grind

You here the word grind a lot in leadership and entrepreneurial circles. It is the concept of doing the same thing day in and out to get where you want to be. It’s about offering 100% dedication every single day. Every moment. 

Often in leadership you meet those who don’t have passion for the grind. They are eager to move up and out. They want to thousands of followers, VP status, and pay raise right now. The grind is nothing but a grind and they are beyond eage to move on from what must feel like restraints.

Passion is forged in the fire of sameness.

For everyone, I urge you and encourage you to find passion in the grind. Life and careers won’t always be upward movement. Very often it is horizontal for periods of time. It is in this seeming endless “desert” that you will discover patience, skills, compassion to others in the same place, and even passion. 

Passion is forged in the fire of sameness. How can you claim to have passion for writing if you don’t write, passion for music if you don’t listen or play it often, or passion for leadership of you aren’t willing to be in the spots your team is in?

Grinding allows you to learn and gives the space to discover things about yourself. It also gives you time to develop as a leader who is able to handle sameness while motivating your team. 

So whether you are in the grind, about to be in it, or just got out of it; hang tight and use it to discover yourself. Learn to have passion for the grind.


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