Making a list and Checking it twice

Like most Americans, I have a healthy to-do list both at work and home. Aside from helping me keep sane and organized, it helps me feel accomplished. Perhaps like me, you have also gotten a little too involved with the list that it is color coded, alphabetized, and designated by day. Just me then?

If you have a to-do list that you find is ever increasing but the value of what your accomplishing does not rise with it then it is time to start taking a red sharpie to it. Now is everything you do going to be earth shattering? I don’t know that cleaning my daughter’s laundry will win the Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon but there is something to be said of priority. Personal time with my family should take priority over doing the dishes.

At work, the things that add value to my company or client should take priority over “busy work” or side projects. If it isn’t meaningful and it isn’t urgent, it just isn’t worth doing if other things are. So some ways I prioritize is in the following categories:

  • Urgent and Important – the world will explode if I don’t or someone will be intensley unhappy
  • Urgent – while it may not be a earth shattering task, it is still needed sooner rather than later
  • Important – it needs to be done but you have a but if lee way to do it
  • Back burner – side projects for rainy days or sleeping babies

There may be times when cleaning the house takes priority over something more fun, especially midnight cleaning sessions for company this holiday season but in the whole if you keep yourself prioritized, with the flexibiltiy to forget your to do list completely; you will be much happier.


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