Bombing At New Years’ Resolutions Every Year?

If you are like me, you are likely planning some goals for 2017. They may include personal goals like eating healthy or professional ones, such as growing in a skill set or obtaining a new role within your company, or meeting some marketing/financial goals (always a good one). Whatever your goals may be, the biggest thing we all here is how NO ONE will stick to New Year’s Resolutions. Nope. Nah-uh. No way, no how. It just ISN’T going to happen. And you know what? They are very likely 99% RIGHT. Doesn’t sound very motivating? Stay with me here and we’ll get you there.

You see the fact of the matter is most of us think of Resolutions incorrectly. We have been going about this whole resolution goal setting thing ALL wrong. Why? Glad you asked!
We don’t accomplish our New Year’s Resolutions because we already set ourselves up for failure. We expect perfection when perfection is simply not possible. And honestly, we probably do it on purpose so we don’t have to be accountable for completing our goals! Crazy, right?

See if this resonates with any of you:

  • Goal was to go EVERY week to the Gym? You end up super sick on week and aren’t able to meet your goal. You failed and hey, guess what! You are OFF the hook! Great, now you can go back to sitting on the couch, eating chips, and letting the pounds collect. You’ll just do it next year, right?
  • Goal was to write EVERY DAY so you can finish that long-awaited novel. You miss a day or a week or even a month due to life being life and now feel unmotivated to continue. You missed your goal so no use completing it right?
  • Goal was to add 50 new customers to your business by the end of one month. You only managed 15. Might as well just aim low at 10 so you don’t have to work hard, right? I mean you didn’t accomplish it one month so why should you both with more?
  • Goal was to xyz, you didn’t do it and now you don’t have to do it because it’s just too hard. Obviously.

If you are a goal setting and goal completing machine, don’t read the rest of this. But if you are like me and struggle from time to time, keep reading. Hope is coming!

You see, here is the big secret about Goal setting. The one that the marketing industries don’t tell you because they want you to buy all their stuff so you can “make sure!” you complete it.

Goal setting and completion has always been a progress of loop-de-loops. 3 steps forward, 2 or 4, or 10, steps backward. You will not have perfection where perfection is not possible.


Now, how can you then achieve your goals? Again, I’m glad you asked! That part is more manageable:

  1. Set up your goals into sizeable chunks with clear smaller goals you can reasonably obtain

If your goal is to go to the gym once a week or 3 times a week or every day, set up a goal of being able to do better than you started. Whether that is run faster or longer, lift more weights, join a class or more. If your goal involves writing, set up a clear week to week or month to month word count guideline. If you want to add to your business, set up clear goals on how to achieve that along with plans of action. Start per week and build from there.

  1. Let yourself have imperfection

Miss a week? Motivate yourself harder for the following weeks so you can meet your monthly goal. Didn’t hit your word count? Find an hour or two to hit it harder. Whatever the case is, let it motivate you rather than deflate you. You aren’t perfect and only yourself expects you to be.

  1. Don’t be afraid to re-work your goals

Maybe you hurt yourself or are in an accident and the gym is no longer a healthy or reasonable goal. You find out you can work out from home or in the water. Great! Time to re-work your goal.

Maybe writing via the computer is more difficult for you than writing on paper. Re-work your goal and get that paper stash started!

Maybe you find that getting 50 customers is very difficult because you haven’t yet developed the skill set of marketing. Time to work those marketing muscles, take some classes, read some books, and revise your goal to meet something smaller first.

Goal setting and completion has always been a progress of loop-de-loops. 3 steps forward, 2 or 4, or 10, steps backward. You will not have perfection where perfection is not possible.


In these examples, we can probably resonate with at least one. Whether it’s a physical or health related goal, a hobby-related goal, or business related goal, remember to cut yourself some slack in the perfection department BUT not so much that you become unmotivated. It’s time to stop with excuses and find solutions. Get your goals set and keep focused!

What are some of your goals this year?

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