Excuses Are Like …..

We’ve all heard the expression so no need to repeat it. Everyone makes excuses from our President Elect to the unemployed drug addict. It’s human nature. Some excuses are valid and reasonable. Someone misses work because a loved one passes away. We have compassion to understand that they would choose family over work. So should we. However, when we start seeing excuses invade your work culture, then you have a problem.

Do you know why those who are not born into privilege tend to do better than those who are? Because the excuses are such that if they use them, they’ll never get out. The child born without legs can make the excuse that they were born with difficulty and therefore cannot amount to anything. The child born into a third world country war torn by hate can make the excuse that they should hate in turn because it’s all they know. The executive makes excuses about fudging the accounting books because he felt he deserves more money than others for working so hard.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.

  • I can’t open my own business because ….
  • I can’t write that book because ….
  • I can’t ever become a manager because … 
  • I can’t do this because…

Sound familiar?

We all make excuses because it’s our human nature to and sometimes because we truly believe them. We don’t feel we are good enough, talented enough, smart enough, wise enough, strong enough or compassionate enough to make it work.

Maybe you aren’t a “naturally born leader” (whatever that is) but that does not mean you can’t become a leader. I strongly believe leaders are made, not just a result of genetic compilation. We are leaders because we listen, we have compassion, we look to guide, we look to be the person that others follow. We are leaders because we choose to lead.

This next month, challenge yourself. Don’t let that excuse stand in the way of doing something new or exciting or scary. Write that book. Join that gym even if you are the only out of shape person there. Dance on the dance floor even if you look like you don’t have an ounce of rhythm (raising my hand here!). Stop the excuses, own up to whatever you need to own up to and move forward.





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