Contagious Attitude

Have you ever gone into a store or restaurant and you just knew the associate or server did not want to be there? Bored expression, idly flipping through their phone, and their service was borderline rude. You could feel that you were the last person that they were interested in. Did you rush to tell your … Continue reading Contagious Attitude


Paw Patrol: Unusual Lessons

I wrote previously about experiencing some interesting lessons from the Nick, Jr. show, Paw Patrol. Paw Patrol is the story of a boy who has talking pups (better than Scooby-Doo) who rescue people and animals in and around Adventure Bay. These pups range from a firefighter, a jungle expert, a scuba pup, and even a construction pup. … Continue reading Paw Patrol: Unusual Lessons

A Lesson In Ownership

I've watched a lot of Cop shows. Castle, Law & Order, Bones. You name it. I have a fascination with whodunits and mysteries. I love trying to figure out the criminal masterminds and dunces. A recurring theme that always comes up in these types of shows is the criminals who try to pin the crime on someone … Continue reading A Lesson In Ownership

The Importance Of Presence

What is presence and why is it so important in today's business? Furthermore, why is it so lacking in today's leadership? When we talk about Presence, we are talking about the ability to create the feeling that you are "there". You are with your team, not necessarily being the scary psycho-killer hovering over the shoulder … Continue reading The Importance Of Presence