Contagious Attitude

Have you ever gone into a store or restaurant and you just knew the associate or server did not want to be there? Bored expression, idly flipping through their phone, and their service was borderline rude. You could feel that you were the last person that they were interested in. Did you rush to tell your friends about it? Probably not in a good way. Did you ever go back? I know there are many places I haven’t returned based on the one bad experience.

Word of mouth that holds negative context is going to be remembered more than positive word of mouth. Regardless, positive word of mouth is going to generate more traffic than any piece of marketing out there. Your customers enjoying your service is what will sell your business. It will absolutely make or break it.

Your attitude is likewise. It will make or break your team. If your team was to come to work and saw a leader who was burned out, tired, upset, unmotivated, and no longer cared about what they do; do you think that your team would want to keep coming in? Worse. Do you feel that your team would have a great attitude when dealing with customers?

Easy Answer: NO. 

Our Attitude Directly Impacts Our Leadership. Our Team. Our Customers. Our Business. 

Does that mean one bad day will be the end of your business? Hopefully not but the more you practice intentional compassion. Intentional kindness. Intentional Excitement. The more that it will take on as reality. You can’t just expect those things to come off naturally. Unless you are as high as a kite, endless enthusiasm isn’t typically realistic. That doesn’t mean it can’t become reality but it takes intentional practice. Rarely does it just happen.

Your challenge: Practice an amazing attitude for one month. Tell your team one positive quote. Scream in the bathroom alone if you need a place to vent it out but then go back with a kind word and a smile. 30 days of intentional positive vibes and nothing else. See the changes. Document them. Then you can see what it looked like before and after. It only takes 30 days to make a habit. This is a habit worth having.


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