Create Value

Modern business is in an interesting transition. You have traditional, old-school methods clashing with more compassionate-oriented philosophies. Financial incentives are no longer the top motivator among employees. They are looking for positions with a positive work environment. A mom-and-pop feel with corporate level efficiency. How is the balance achieved between keeping a profit while ensuring your company has a positive morale among your employees? The answer is the same for your clients and your team: Create Value. 

1. Create Financial Value by creating processes that are as humanly and technologically efficient as possible. 

  • Ask your teams. They work the trenches and will know what pain points are impacting processes the most.
  • Ensure workflows are clear, concise, and detailed.
  • Don’t expect lack of efficiency to always indicate a process issue. Sometimes it’s simply the nature of the task.


2. Create Morale Value by showing genuine interest in your employees. 

  • Some fun ways to get to know your team, especially in large companies, is by doing a once-per-week coffee meeting one-on-one. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, that’s still plenty to get to know them and it’s worth every minute.
  • Ask for feedback often either through surveys or better yet, direct emails/phone calls.
  • Workshops, fun outings, games, and simply genuine conversation all matter.

3. Create Customer Value by evaluating policies and feedback often. 

  • Are you receiving negative feedback frequently about certain policies?
  • Are you taking customer surveys?
  • Are your employees engaged with the customers? It’s important that they can employ empathy and get into the mind of clients in order to address their issues appropriately.

While creating value may mean taking more time initially, or even creating less profit by having improved efficiency, the financial and morale gain will be huge. Treat your team and clients right, and they will be loyal for life.


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