Who Moved My Cheese – Week 2

Hey all!

Apologies this is coming a bit late. Some other priorities prevented me from posting sooner.

As the story continues…

Pages: 34 – 46

Now noticing the cheese has gone from Station C, Sniff and Scurry, doing what all mice do, simply move on to searching the maze. They get lost along the way a few times but eventually found a new station with even MORE cheese. They continue on with their practice of nibbling, looking for changes and hustling.

The Little People however…well they do what we all do:

– They deny that the Cheese is gone
– They get angry and fume and think about HOW the Cheese is gone.

– They feel entitled about the Cheese and blame others for why it is gone
– They get scared about finding more Cheese because they really, REALLY liked THIS Cheese.

Haw however is getting really tired of waiting, he’s weak, depressed, and yep, you bet scared. But as they say “You will change when pain has become too much”. It became too much so he’s ready to start looking in the Maze again.

Two Cheese Take-aways:

1. The More Important Your Cheese is to you, The More you want to hold onto it

2. If You Do Not Change, You can become EXTINCT.

Discussion Points:

  1. discusIf you had your “Cheese”, how would you feel and what would you do next?
  2. What if you suddenly lost your Cheese, what would you do?

Think about the reaction of the Little People when their Cheese was taken. In this case, it was security, safety, living comfortably and so on. They suddenly had nothing. Their reaction is understandable isn’t it?

They deny that it’s happened, then they get angry that it’s happened and think if they figure out the HOW, it will fix the fact it’s gone. Then they procrastinate or just stop out of fear of trying again. So while understandable with all our complex emotions and belief systems, it’s simply not productive.

What do Sniff and Scurry do? They move on. Instinctively and because they knew change was coming. Can we always predict change? No, of course not. Sudden illnesses, deaths, lay-offs and more rock our world. Sometimes we cannot simply “move on” at that moment but we eventually need to.

1. Think of a time you have had a huge change happen in your life that caused a lot of change. How did you react to that change? What steps did you take to adapt?

The two key take-aways are pretty common sense when you think about it. The more you want something, the more work you have put in to get it, the more hold you put on it so when change happens to it (as it always does in life), you are rocked the hardest over it.

The second takeaway makes a lot of sense. If you don’t change, you can become extinct. Why? Because change MUST happen in order for growth to happen. Whether this is yourself, your business, or your family; change is inevitable. If we continue to fight change, we will never be able to become what we want to be or ultimately obtain the “Cheeses” in our life.

Discussion/Group Questions: 

As a leader, how can you prepare your team or yourself for change as something that is a growth opportunity rather than a loss?


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