Are you stuck on Progress?

Wanting to progress on something never seems like a bad thing right? Until you see you aren’t making any. You may get depressed, angry, or want to quit. However, it’s all how you look at it.

Progress in the text books in school has always seemed like a linear path. You have an idea, you work on said idea, you make progress on said idea. Done. However, that’s simply not reality in majority of the cases.

Progress is a series of loop-de-loops that are sometimes bigger than you ever thought they would be. Sometimes progress is just a straight line backward, a right turn, and then back on the trail. Progress is all how we see it. If we see progress has forward movement all the time, be prepared to be disappointed. However, if we expect progress to have set-backs, fall-backs, left and right turns, and to probably throw us some loops; have no fear, you’ll get to your destination eventually!



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