Pitfalls Of Leadership: Negative Ego

One of the largest pitfalls and stoppers of growth for both leadership roles and those under them is pure and simple: ENegative go.

Our Ego isn’t inherently a bad thing. Ego is our sense of self-importance and esteem. It’s hardwired in but if we aren’t mindful, it can take our positive work ethic to arrogance with cutting corners.

There is what I call Positive Ego and Negative Ego.

  • Negative Ego takes another’s credit. Positive Ego gives credit where it is due in order to lift others up.
  • Negative Ego will not admit mistakes, Positive Ego admits and learns from them.
  • Negative Ego creates arrogance as a result of fear and insecurity, Positive Ego allows for true confidence based on positive self esteem.

From the way customers are treated to the way employees are valued, it all comes down to that one psychological component. How we use it is up to us.


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