Leadership Is A Big Deal

I saw this sign in Barnes and Noble yesterday and I loved it. The thing is, leadership IS a big deal. How many “greats” can be pointed back to someone that led them? Whether you become President of the US or president of the local PTA, leadership has this ripple effect. What type of leader you are is up to you.

But if leadership is a big deal and not because we are in a position of leadership, we need to make sure our priorities are straight. You don’t have to be in a position of leadership with a corner office, high-rise view, and a ten-figure pay raise (although those things are nice), to be a leader.

You can be a leader to your kids.

You can be a leader in your community through volunteer organizations such as Be A Mentor. 

You can be a leader on the “bottom of the totem pole” by offering ideas, insights, and guidance to others.

Are you called to be a leader or are you only called to the position?


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