Want To Be A Better Leader? Do Something You Suck At.

I don’t do well in a lot of things that I truly enjoy doing. Cooking, baking, singing, drawing, and more. But you know what? I’m no longer afraid to do them. And you know what else? I fail.

And Fail.

And Fail.

Sometimes when I cook, there is scraps of butter paper in the mashed potatoes and bones in the chicken. While it is a far cry from the burned pot I started out with (I was trying to boil water…it didn’t go well); I’m no where near chef quality. But I like it so I fail and then learn. And then fail some more.

When I draw, the person looks like a creature from the abyss versus a cherub toddler. I fail and fail and fail some more.

Don’t you see why it’s important? It desensitizes you to the fear of failure. It stops having it’s hold that is so prominent in our culture. Failures is seen as life ending and yes, in some cases and industries (such as paramedics, surgery etc.), failure CAN mean the end of someone’s life. But failure is also inevitable.

We are human.

But we cannot let failure stop us from our passions. If they do, we will never grow, never love, never live.

Want to be a better leader? A better person? Do something you suck at and fail, fail, fail until you succeed.


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