Who Moved My Cheese – Week 4

Pages 53 – 58


Haw is being brave as he starts to move through the Maze. He finds tidbits of new Cheese here and there but not enough to satisfy him for long. Most of hall, Haw finds himself facing himself rather than anything the Maze could really throw at him: fears, old patterns, and thoughts.

Key Take Away: 

  1. Movement in a New Direction Helps You Find New Cheese
  2. When You Stop Being Afraid, You Feel Good!
  3. Imagining Yourself Enjoying New Cheese Leads You To It


Discussion Points:

1. We always have more than one “Cheese” (goal/desire) in our lives. If you had to stop what you were currently doing, what would you choose to pursue?

2. Fear is both a demotivator and a motivator. It can galvanize you to action or it can stop you in your tracks. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What changes in your life would you make?

3. There was a study done once between two groups. One practiced free-throws every day for 30 days for 2 hours. The other imagined themselves throwing perfect free-throws every day for 30 days for 2 hours. The second group actually improved MORE than the first. Envisioning where you want to go is just as powerful as putting the work into it.

Are there hurdles stopping you from where you want to be or from finding your “Cheese”? Could those hurdles be yourself? (negative self-talk, thoughts, fears)


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