See The Message Behind The Mad-Ness

We all get frustrated in our careers, our jobs, our life. All of us. Doesn’t matter if you love your job 99% of the time and love your life. Frustration, boredom, anger, and sadness can happen. The thing is most people only see the frustration, boredom, anger, and sadness. They don’t see the message.

Sometimes it’s something going on their personal life. Their life outside of work. As much as the American mantra is “don’t take your personal life to work” is brainwashed into people, we all know that it simply doesn’t work that way. Your life impacts you. Does it mean you can’t always push past what’s going on and still perform your job? Of course. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t impacting you in some fashion.

Sometimes it’s inter conflict within work. Personality clashes. People don’t always get along. Nothing wrong with that. But you don’t want tension to fester into full on toxic work places so it’s important to note it early and try to take steps to address it. Moving people into a new position or different position, change up the work place seating, team games, whatever it is. You can’t make each other like each other but you can limit toxicity.

Sometimes it’s just boredom. When I get bored or feel I’m stagnating, I get anxious and eager to try something else. Some people get frustrated or mad. Whatever the case, boredom can easily be something that you want to work on. Maybe they are ready for new responsibilities or have outgrown their position.

Regardless, it’s important you don’t just write this type of thing off of as the person “just being a jerk”, or “too hard to work with”. Sadly sometimes that is the case but that’s rare. Most often it’s just a case of mad-ness.


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