This blog was created to push the modern boundaries of leadership. We are taught that leadership requires distance, lack of engagement, brusque, and sometimes yes, even rudeness. However, there is a shift in the mindset starting. A revolution if you will.

A new philosophy that is not all that new is emerging as having  more value than what is currently considered “the best”. It emphasizes compassion, vulnerability, engagement, and building your company from your those under you and upward. It’s about adding value from both a financial standpoint as well as intrinsically. It’s about increasing retention, increasing mentorship and creating positive experiences for both your employees and your customers.

Join me as we explore how we can dare to be different in this modern business world and how truly easy it is to do so.

– Kelly

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Kelly Clendenning is an Account Manager with Modsquad,Inc. with over 15 years in the leadership and management industry. The focus on her philosophy is about first and foremost, creating value from inside your company to then create value externally in the form of client relations. We are ultimately in the business of people. Let’s start treating them as such.