Who Moved My Cheese – Week 1

Who Moved My Cheese is one of the easiest and most profound reads that you will probably come across in leadership. A "must read" even if you aren't in business or management. It's about who we are and who we can be by embracing and adapting to something that will ALWAYS happen: Change.

Regret Stops Motion

I believe you are the only you. You are the only person to go through your circumstances and learn, grow, and change with them. Whether those circumstances were horrific or were great, you still were impacted.  The great news? Nothing is stopping you from taking control and starting forward today. 

Creative Leadership: Outside The Box

I'm playing a mobile game titled Words With Friends by Zynga. For the uninitiated, it's a bit like Scrabble with some questionable definitions. The key is to form words with tiles and each player gets 7 random tiles apiece. Each letter has different points awarded to it and there are Double Word, Triple Word, Double Letter, and … Continue reading Creative Leadership: Outside The Box

Want To Be A Better Leader? Do Something You Suck At.

I don't do well in a lot of things that I truly enjoy doing. Cooking, baking, singing, drawing, and more. But you know what? I'm no longer afraid to do them. And you know what else? I fail. And Fail. And Fail. Sometimes when I cook, there is scraps of butter paper in the mashed … Continue reading Want To Be A Better Leader? Do Something You Suck At.

Pitfalls Of Leadership: Negative Ego

One of the largest pitfalls and stoppers of growth for both leadership roles and those under them is pure and simple: ENegative go. Our Ego isn't inherently a bad thing. Ego is our sense of self-importance and esteem. It's hardwired in but if we aren't mindful, it can take our positive work ethic to arrogance … Continue reading Pitfalls Of Leadership: Negative Ego

You Don’t Have To Lead Perfectly To Be A Perfect Leader

There is this myth in the business world, in our culture, and perpetuated in our work space that you can only be a good leader if you are perfect. That you must be the smartest, most capable, fastest, know all the answers, and never, ever, ever make mistakes. Sound like a tall order? Sound unrealistic? … Continue reading You Don’t Have To Lead Perfectly To Be A Perfect Leader